Greetings. Been a bit since I posted. Havent worked on the stang for a while. Anyone come up with a good solution for converting Toms carb to electric choke? I have the water heated choke. Oh well, I will keep looking for solutions. Laterz.
There are two ways to go for an electric choke.

A) The water choke 5200 usually has an elecrtic assist. The electric assist works well alone in Calif., where the winters arn't so cold (for the record - I think 40* is cold, but what do I know). Hook the thing up to a 12 volt switched source. Tapping into the alternator circuit is probably the easiest / closest source.

B) The water system can be removed and electric installed. I have been told that most GM cars and many of the Chrysler cars that came with these carbs had the electric choke. As a matter of fact I remember a post on the forum where a user reported that the choke from a Chevette will bolt right on. Don't know remember what year he used, but a good parts person should be able to find it without much trouble. Again, you will need 12 volt switched power to make it work.

As a side bar, the electric choke form any DG - DF series Weber should work (32/36 or 38/38).

Hope this helps.
Last week when I was on Xmas vacation I took a peak in Dad's barn and he had 2 2.3L motors from '78 MII's with electric chokes on 5200 carbs, I have not tried one yet (he wouldnt part with either of them) but they should bolt right on. AutoZone has them as Wells Part CP329 for $9.99 (if they looked up the right part) and would have to order it.