Timing Woes...



What i feared is true - the motor was too powerful for my stock timing chain/gears; the motor ate the timing set in a record 1300 miles :roll:
Well now i'm faced with a dilema...do i spend the extra $150 or so and get the gear drive (as well as the 8 weeks down time) or just go with the dual roller set. How good does the gear drive really sound?

Oh yea - with the different "degrees" on the dual roller timing set can i change the performance of the cam a little? because i was thinking of while i had it down go with a little hotter cam, maybe a 264 or 272 from a 260.
You should ask Azcoupe if he has the roller chains in stock. I'm selling my gear drives through him and I have them in stock ready to ship. http://www.fordsixparts.com. The chains are cheaper, just depends on what you want to do. Degreeing your cam in (any cam) will change your performance/ fuel economy, depends on what you decide you want more of(performance or economy). Both the chain and gear drive will give you the ability to dial in the cam.

Cheers Mike
The JP/Rollmaster timing set will do fine. If it gets you going sooner and that matters, the choice is obvious.

A gear drive is interesting. I put one on a mate's six last year, and at lower revs, it sounds way cool - especially when you're turning a corner at some lights or grinding up a steeper hill. Can't speak for the exact sound of Mike's ones, as the JP set used had quite fine gears.

Even when the JP/Rollmaster chain wears, you can reuse the sprockets and fit a new chain. It's that good.

Regards, Adam.