turbo calculator

Wow, waddya know? A 300-6, running to 5400 rpm, needs a pair of Garret t-25's. It seems I have a clue as to what I am doing.


yYou are right by their predictions, but - is it worth the extra expense and weight running at boost levels that low? Under 10 psi, I'd run a single just for weight reasons alone. Why do you plan to go with the twins?
Faster spool up due to lower inertial mass than a single, better fit in a cramped area, less concentration of heat, if I really want to play with it, I could try setting the wastegates to different psi's, and besides, two is always better than one. I think two just looks cool to boot. Oh yeah, a pair of used T-25's can be had for around $75 each, while a large single is about $300, and much harder to come by.

I don't know if you've done this before, but the cost of the turbos is usually about half of the total. I'm not knocking your intentions, really- We can all do things our own way. I don't think you'll have the spool up problems you're predicting, and the heat concentration problem you speak of is actually desireable in most cases (more heat energy to spin the turbine).

I would have throught that duals would have been more of a pain to fit (I've done a few Supra twin to single conversions, and worked on many stockers). You're right, though- duals definitely have a much higher WOW factor.
Whether single or dual, I am fabbing the exhausts, the upper intake, heat shields, etc. If I am going to go through all that, I want what I want. As my first-year shop teacher said, "We have the Technology". This engine really is an experiment anyways. A custom header-style upper intake, the turbos, a long rod conversion, all into a little shortbed F-100. I am also planning on using a ZF 5-speed, 3.25 axle gears, 235/60/15 tires in front, and 275/60/15 in the rear. This is going to be my summer weekend and road trip truck.

84_F250":3p60ahul said:
.... a pair of used T-25's can be had for around $75 each, while a large single is about $300, and much harder to come by.


And yet again, how can I find a set of these turbo's? I have searched everywhere local.
That's an off-the-collar remark from a guy at the junkyard. I will see how true it is when I walk in there with cash. The other point is more valid, though. There are tons of wrecked Omni's and Charger 2.2's, etc, with T-25's on them, but there are no T-3 60's around here. If you want a used T-3, better hit E-bay.