Two questions



I have two questions. 1. There is a bit of hesitation when i rev my motor, almost to the point to where it dies, and sometimes it does.

2.At high RPM's, there is a vibration that comes and goes very frequently, about every second, that is coming from the motor, and you can feel it when driving, as well as just revving the engine while sitting still.

Does anyone know what this could possibly be? And what can be done with it?

Oh, and one other thing, my car sat for a little over 5 months, so i think that might have something to do with it. A few people have said fuel filter, or pump, i just wanted some more thoughts.

I'd start by making sure the accelerator pump doesn't have any sticking moving parts. Old gas can make the plunger rod stick in and not operate until you get to around half throttle. That happened on my old Holley.

The vibration you mentioned doesn't sound familiar to me. Maybe some carb cleaner will take care of that too. If you have points, have they become corroded. Same goes for the cap & rotor. :unsure::


Is the vibration coming from the engine or the car?

If you have a bad alignment or any owrn out suspension parts it can cause a rythmic vibration caused by harmonic vibration. On some cars it can get quite bad. Does it start around 60mph? I cant think of an engine probelm that would cause vibration like that.

Some of the experts can probably help you better
8) both problems may be related. the vibration sounds like a miss. i think if you cure that the others will be reduced and may even go away. start with the ignition system and make sure it is in good shape, as well as making sure the carb is in good working order.
Check your engine mounts and the alignment of the engine/box combo.

If you're still on points, flutter of the points is a possibility. Coil health is another. A blown coil can still give a spark.

Silly as it sounds: Is your exhaust clogged or restricted? Nothing made a home there in 5 months?

Cheers, Adam.
The points, condenser, cap, rotor, plug wires, were all new in june. Everything there seems to be fine, but i have an extra of each just in case. The Vibration mentioned is coming from the engine, whether it is just sitting or im driving, it comes from ALL gears at high RPM's when driving. It is like a drone, that is there and gone, there and gone...... I know I do have a bit of a miss, but ive always had that, and it has never done this. And I dont think any mud daubers got in my pipes, Addo, but i wouldnt doubt it. Those little bastards get in everything. Thanks. Any more thoughts??????????