What about this head?

yep i think it is a good 1 , with the big log intake and the hardened valve seals , and the bigg valve,s . i,m driving the same head with the carb from the old head , runnig good , and doing great gas mile,s ! did use the adapter that came with the d8 head for the carb !

you will noticed the update with the old head for sure , even better with a nice carb on it, before instal clean the inlet ports a bit and do a good polish job on the outlet and when possible a 3 angel valve job , when not then do a valve job [ setting them in ,minor hand job will do } so you now for sure there are not leaking ! only remember wat to use with the valve train , hydrolic or adjusteble . the new head is hydrolic , when putting it on a old engine , the valve train not hydrolic !!
there are lots of answhere,s on the forum about that , check it out , even the polish job is on the forum !
Just to clarify, I plan on using the adjustable rocker assembly on the new head. Will this work? If not what exactly do I need to do? New hydraulic lifters?
It will work. Just make sure you adjust the rocker arms to the correct specifications.

I ment to type another sentence and forgot.

Hopefully, someone that know will chime in and let you know what the correct specs are on the bolts on the rocker arms. I am not positive and do not want to type the incorrect specs.

Howdy Pills and All:

The correct specs for adjusting the rockers on a hydraulic cam engine are zero, plus anywhere from a 1/4 turn to 3/4 turn. On a broke in engine with old lifters that's been warmed up I'd go with 1/4 to 1/2 turn more then zero. On a new engine that is about to be started for the 1st time and broke in with a new cam and lifters, I'd go 3/4 to 1 full turn more on the adjusting nut. Once the engine is broke in, I'd recheck and reset in the 1/2 turn more range.

The extra fraction of a turn past zero lash is called "pre-load". If you don't have preload you will likely get valve train noise like on a solid lifter engine. But you don't want any more pre-load then necessary or you'll be giving up cam timing and lift and run the risk of pumping up a lifter and valve float at high rpms.

Adios, David