what to mod next (4ltr) ?



Hi guys, I'm seeking some advice on mods.
I've got an au 4ltr, so far with: t-series air intake, k&n filter, extractors/2.5" exhaust & chip. I'm currently looking at what performance mods would be best to do next. Any comments / advice appreciated.

Word on the street has it that Jim Mock Motorsport's DEV series really wake up the OHC sixes. They're fairly pricey, but i'm sure you'll be able to get a cam off them for an OK price..
thanks discokin6.

A cam sounds good (but I don't really know what I'm looking for in one). The only other suggestion I've had is to change the diff to a 3.77 w/lsd. But given that my diff is a single spinner, I'm told that along with the gears, I'd need to replace the diff centre to one out of a 3.45 lsd.

Can anyone recco a good diff place in melb to do all this ?
ps I know of JMM, but am a bit hesitant to go to them.

lol, I've heard that JM himself was a salesman of some description. I've read people bagging them since they didn't provide a before dyno printout, etc.

Come to think of it, looking at the gear ratios of the BTR automatic, it would probably be better to look for a 3.73 as you mentioned. It would make the Falcon's first gear numerically closer to the Commodore's, which will really wake up some low speed grunt. The wide overdrive ratio should make for some decent highway RPMs aswell :)
What's the engine in?

As you say you have a T-series air intake I'm assuming it's EF/L or AU. If so you already have the split inlet manifold - if not and it's EA-ED that is one possible mod.

Having done the cold-air, air filter & zorst as mentioned above it's really cam (cam/chip) time. You have a few options Mock, Crow cams etc.

Either that or go the forced induction route; Turbo or Centrifugal supercharger or Screw type supercahrger (new kit available - Herrod is involved in development).

Others swear by diff or 5-speed conversions - it all depends on what you want to achieve and how you want to use your car.
discokin6: yep that's what I was thinking, down low it should make a difference and for freeway use it should be ok because the 3.08 at 100kph sits on ~1850rpm, so with the 3.73 I'm thinking it'd be ~2240rpm (which to me seems fine). Maybe only concerned with how it'll effect "driveability", ie. if you need to overtake from 60-80, 80-100 etc hopefully the gear changes would be ok (ie. it wouldn't kick down and then have to kick up again midway).

Raptor":8mehy7ht said:
What's the engine in?
It's an AU.

Raptor":8mehy7ht said:
It's really cam (cam/chip) time. You have a few options Mock, Crow cams etc.
I've already got the chip (Unichip done at Herrods). I did ask them about cams and they said they really didn't do cams for an au 6cyc (I was under the impression that they use crow cams ??). Anyways, the only problem with the cam is knowing what aftermarket ones are suitable (as I said before I really don't know much about them specs wise), any tech info (even a website that explains the specs/benefits in simple terms etc) would be much appreciated.

Raptor":8mehy7ht said:
Either that or go the forced induction route;
Yep, a good suggestion, but realistically I know I don't have the $$$ to go down this path properly (ie. along with the cost of the blower, I'm told comes upgrading the transmission, strengthening the engine internals and the labour costs etc).

Raptor":8mehy7ht said:
it all depends on what you want to achieve and how you want to use your car.
The car is only used on the road. It started out as a daily driver, 600 odd k's a week. Nowadays though it usually only really gets a run on the weekends, so I am ok with it using a bit more fuel.

Thanks guys.
Have you concidered getting a bit of head work done? It would really complement a new cam. I think addo might have mentioned it on the "cams" thread, that was started by discokin6, but it's a god idea just to drop into crow cams, and have a bit of a chat as to what you want and what your options and costs are.

ok, finally got off my behind and paid a visit to the place that so many ppl talk/write about -->JMM. I was there for over an hour, looking at some of the cars they work on, discussing what sort of options were available and went for a fang in their ute, which I think was a dev4 or dev5 (they've sold the sedan). All in all I was impressed with the service (some mechanics I've been to, you'd be lucky if they'll talk to you for more than 10mins).

If anyone has actually had work done by JMM to their cars, I'd be really happy to hear your opinions on them and the work they did.

Silver Bullet S-Pac: Yep I'd now definitely consider getting head work done to compliment a cam. And I'll check out crow cams some time soon, but JMM have raised my expectations.

exquivan":19k5h0ke said:
......If anyone has actually had work done by JMM to their cars, I'd be really happy to hear your opinions on them and the work they did......

A glowing review can be read here at FordForums.com (Dev 4 to ED XR6 wagon, auto);
http://discussions.fordforums.com/showt ... =mock+dev4

But for a balanced view do a site search on "Mock" as there are other threads that seriously question Mock's kW claims.
sorry to bring back an old thread, just wondering: Who else in Melbourne specialises in cams for an IL6 aside from JMM ??

I've been to:
-Herrods: they say they don't do cams at the moment for an AU 6cyc.
-SVO Motorsport: they recommend using an AU XR6 cam.
-Crow Cams: they said the AU's haven't responded that well to their current cams for the IL6 when compared to the "E" range of falcons (ie. EF/EL etc ). They are working on another cam specifically for the AU's which is still in the development phase (they currently have an AU II falcon they are using as a test mule).

Raptor, there seems to be many conflicting opinions about JMM at that website (ie. in some posts you get the impression the people reckon JMM's kits are the best thing in the world, and then there's other sections where there's pages of people bagging/questioning/critising them...weird).
Not intending to take a stab at FordForums, but that seems to be the general gist of things over there.

I've heard the XR6 Cam will wake up some more power, and bring a better torque curve to the rev range. It might be the way to go until Crow get the AU sorted..