Which brand of Headers?



Ive heard alot about Cliffords parts and headers. But what about Hooker Headers for the 200 ci? They seem to be priced competitively with Clifford. Any pros or cons???

ugh, u'd pry actually receive the hookers in a reasonable time period after you order them...with clifford u might have to wait a few years
How about Pacemaker, I just received a set on Wednesday from OZ.

They are dual out headers with a silver/blue coating that is similar to Jet Hot.


OZ is Australia.

The header is available with a Y pipe that will convert it to a single out. Price on them (including the coating) is $245 plus $15 extra for the Y pipe. Shipping from Phoenix is extra.

I have a single out, Jet Hot coated Cliffy header on my stang now and may be installing the OZ header instead. If so, my Cliffys will be for sale. They only have a few miles on them and still look just like new.
Its hard to tell from Azcoupe's photo but it looks like the finish and design of the OZ headers is a bit nicer than my Cliffords, which have pretty sloppy welds and a few spots that look a bit thin. I also wonder if that three piece flange will seal better.
Howdy all:

Hey Mike, do they come with any sort of in the port divider?

Are they designed to fit a Mustang?

Adios, David

Sorry no port divider. That's one item we will have to get from Clifford.

I will know shortly if they fit our stangs. They should fit, but I'm going to test fit this one before I start selling them just to make sure. Hopefully on Sat or Sun. I'll take pics when I do it and post them.
Mike -

It sounds like a viable option. From the conversation, I'm assuming you own a shop and might be selling the product shortly. The price seems reasonable based on what I've seen. Let me know if they will fit on the Mustang. I am interested in gettting one for myself and would purchase from you if possible. Sounds like th Pacemaker is better than the Clifford product.

Thanks for your input and help.

Wow! I can't believe how much shorter the outlet pipes on my old set of Pacemakers had become. About 4-5 inches, in fact.

Went from a 71 2V Falcon, to a 66 2V Falcon, to a 64 2V Falcon, to a 68 Falcon; each time the outs were trimmed to clean up the old welds.

They're still on a mate's car, going strong.
FYI to anyone though, those 3&4 ports are shaped differen't, so it might not work 100% With a port divider or an American head, but what the hell do I know?

It looks shaped more like my exhaust ports. Damnit Mike, now I might have to get one of those too. :devilish:

Price beats Clifford though and it comes with a coating that is actually worth a damn.

Tell me mike. Does the height of the ports on the header, match more or less exactly the height of the port on the Oz head?

One mo thing. I wonder if how the flange being on the bottom of the header will get too close to the block?
Hey, Mike!

Any chance you'll be offering Monte Carlo bars fitted for our mustangs?