144 pistons dont fit 200



I just bought some 144 pistons and they dont fit in my 200 what up with that? I thought the 144 pistons where interchangable with the 200's :roll:
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Not to sound like a smart-a**, but I'll bet that you discovered that they are too small. The 144/170 both have a 3.5" bore while the 200/250 have a bore of 3.68". Also, 144 pistons can't be used on a 170 due to the piston skirts. The 170 pistons eliminated these so that the pistons don't hit the crank. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news. Take care,
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Well, you bought an item that won't fit. :oops:

The 144 and the 170 share the same 3.5" bore diameter while the 200 bore is 3.68".

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