'64 200 Crankcase Ventalation



The set up I have in my engine is just the way I bought it. I only have smoke when I crank the engine [ I'm sure that's just my seals leaking by]. The under carriage of the car near the downdraft tube shows residual oil in the general area. When the engine is hot I see a light wisps of smoke coming from my breather. According to my manual, it shows various setups for crankcase ventalation with hoses from a PC valve on the rear of the cover that goes to the carb or to the air cleaner assembly. Now all I have is a breather cap on my vlv. cover. Can someone explain to me in the simplest term "How can I improve my crankcase ventalation with what I have available?". Looking forward to suggestions...Thanx..ZZ
In my '63 manual it show the PCV system of the time. The valve fitted into the road draft tube port & a hose then let to the air filter. My '63 has the air filter cover for this though the PCV was never installed (strange). You could possibly find one of these air cleaners on ebay, or I suppose you could find some other location to hook up to. Maybe the port on the intake or sometimes the carb spacer had a port on it. I know that you can find the '63 PCV valve at the usual auto parts stores as I've seen them there. Just an idea anyway. Hope this helps. Take care,
'63 & '65 red tudors
Okay, let me get this straight. If I have a PC valve located on the rear port of my vlv. cover. Run a hose from this vlv. to a connection in my carbureator spacer. Now I have a plug in the spacer, if I remove it and install a hose adaptor and make the connection. This what you're talking about?...ZZ
Here are a couple pictures that might help. The first is a shot of the PCV nipple on the carb adapter:


The second shows my completed engine with the PCV in the rear of the valve cover and the hose that leads to the nipple on the carb adapater:


If you look closely at the secopnd photo, you can see a brass core plug on the side of the block just in front of the distributor. This is where either the road draft tube would hook up, or the early PCV set up. The early PCV set up was hard tubing from the carb adapter to the PCV in the block. Have that setup on the 170 in my son's '61 Falcon.
:D That was a very good illustration. A picture is worth a whole lot more and it'll help me explain to my motor head foreman who's slowly helping me get to know how to fix my car. Thanx a bunch guy...ZZ
Hmm.. my 61 has a breather in the front and a hose that goes nowhere in the back... the PCV setup is from down low like in picture #2.. my question is what should I do with this "extra" hose.. should I plug it? filter it? why does my cover have two holes in it? (the breather and the exta).. none of the manuals have two..

Is this a mismatched valve cover?

Hey, well I forgot all about these posts. What I did was. Installed a PCV vlv in the rear rubber grommet of the vlv cover {90 degree angle on top}. Connected a hose to it and ran it to an adaptor in my carb spacer plate. The blow-by smoke from my downdraft tube has been reduced enormously. It's basically is giving me more time to complete my rebuild of my spare motor. Thank goosh for small favors...ZZ
One reminder. You can't use any old PCV valve. You have to use the right one for the car.

I put a 90deg PCV valve that "fit" on my car and it ran like crap. Couldn't figure it out forever until I put the old PCV back on.

Remember that PCV is a controlled leak, so it affects your engine vacuum AND your fuel mixture.

To make sure you're stock, I would get the correct PCV for a 65.
I cross referenced the stock #'s and found one with a 90 degree fitting on top. All this to accomondate the air cleaner clearance. Helllllooo Mackfly!...ZZ