66 carb repair kit



Just had the head rebuilt and the carburetor cleaned but the car still runs rough. The mechanic said there was a lot of "stuff" in the carb but the gas tank has been replaced. He said a repair kit might be needed. Is a repair kit a good idea? All the fuel line are new except the on from the tank to the fuel pump, new fuel pump too. Any suggestions?
I highly recommend a carb rebuild kit.

After replacing my gas tank, fuel filter, flushing fuel lines, etc., mine still ran rough and would not idle. I bought a carb rebuild kit for about $20. The key is to take everything apart and clean out all the small fuel/air channels. (don't loose the little metal balls...)

I am not an experienced mechanic, but I rebuilt my carb in an evening, and now she runs great!

I'm assuming you have the standard Autolite 1100 carb. Check out this web site for some more info:

Your link is not working :(

Please update it since I need to know how to rebuild a carb too.