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I have an 83 I-6 with the stock 1946 carb. will a Carter swap be an improvement over the 1946. If so which Carter should I use? Thanks
Howdy LTDBob;

We had a chance to drive an '81 Mustang Coupe with a 3.3 and a 4spd OD, and we were stunned by its doggyness. It struggled to get over 4 grand on the dash tach. After a little investigation it appears that there are several factors limiting performance on the '79 -'82 200s, but the electronic feedback Holley model #1946 is a big part of the limitation. And an '83 is probably the most regulated of any.

My guess is that a Carter YF for a '75 - '79 FoMoCo 250, rated at 193 cfm. The other option might be the RBS Carter used on 250 engines from 1970 to about '74. The RBS is rated at 215 cfm.

Other factors contributing to poor performance on these engines is a very restricted exhaust, lower compression, built in distributor timing (this is a suspicsion), and incredibly tall gearing.

By the way, how is your gear change coming?

Adios, David
Thanks for your reply. I have loxted a 3:27 8.0 for 200.00 , I think I'll buy it . They seem to be hard to find locally and paying freight on a rear end is not an option. Finding older parts at yards is a prob too. Had a guy here with a bunch of Faimont/ LTD cars and he had them all crushed a while back . Seems to be the stiory all over. BTW, I got a copy of your book in the mail Sat. Keep up the good work. You said something about my carb being electronic controlled. What's that about ? Thanks Agin.
I have LOCATED AN 8.8 not loxated an 8.0. Always wear your glasses.
Howdy back Bob:

I may have spoke too soon on the amount of electronic feed back on a Holley 1946 carb. I've done a little more research and found what appears to be a better electric/vacuum assisted choke and some kind of electronic solenoid/dashpot, to contol idle and return to idle. It is called a TSP for Throttle Solenoid Positioner. I'm undecided on it's usefulness.

Simply looking down the throat, there appears to be alot of clutter, as compared to an Autolite 1100. Clutter will effect air flow.

There may be other EPA related systems too, but I've only just begun to understand the problem(s) with the Holley 1946

Bob, do you have a tach on your car yet? If so, what kind of rpm are you seeing?

I'm going south for a few weeks so I'll have to catch up with you later.

Adios, David