clutch pedal



i want to remove the clutch pedal , for installing the cable setup , therefore i must remove the clutch pedal to weld a plate on it for the cable attach ,
Question : can i remove the pedal with the pedal setup leaving it ? can i move the clucht pedal that far to the left side that it is comming out and leving the complete pedal setup ? some advies please !!
the stuff is already out !! verry easy , the biggest problem whas the spring that whas attach to the pedal , damn thing, not easy to remove , cut up my vinger and bumpd my head to the dasch !!!!!!!! dont laugh !!!!
but got it out now , gone weld this week the bracket on it for the cable setup ,and wil do wled a cable insurtion to the bellhouse , must make a costum clutch fork , for the setup . got a orginal 66 belhouse , so whe will see how thing,s wil work out !