Electric fans and performance



By using an electric fan, how much improvement should be expected in performance/gas mileage?

A late model pickup truck fan, when clutch is engaged, uses up to 14 HP. The same fan, when disengaged, uses about 1.5 HP max.

Since road load HP is on the order of 20 - 30 HP at highway speeds, the 1.5 hp has a small effect on fuel economy, hence the popularity of electric fans.
I read an interesting article in Automotive Engineering
magazine last month on this topic. It seems that some of
the electric-fan cars now have "current recovery" circuits
being added to the fans so that when they are OFF, but
spinning in the wind, they can put some current back into
the electrical system, lightening the alternator's load, thus
improving overall efficiency, etc., etc.

I know that my added-on electric fan will light up the
'manual override' lighted switch I installed on the dash
while I'm on the highway. Why not save it?

I have an old issue of a Mustang special edition magazine that was a collection of tech articles.

They tested a black magic electric fan on a Mustang Cobra. The dyno test showed a 6hp increase.
does anyone recommend any particular type that they have tried imsure deleting that big ole hevy duty flex fan on the front of my mill would free up plenty.

I just recently installed one and can honestly say the Truck feels much more nimble and quick. I was amazed. Not a huge difference, but a noticeable one indeed. Well worth it in my book! So far, the gas gauge has not dropped as quickly as befo...just maybe...it worked!

I haven't done THE BIG TEST...sittin' in traffic. But from what I have seen so far from the water temp gauge while cruising around town is super...