Temp of Exhaust Manifold



I am touching up the engine compartment of my 66 Mustang 200, and have just painted the block, head, and valve cover. Just wondering what temperature the exhaust manifold gets up to. The paint I have is rated at 500 degrees. I can use a paint that is rated higher if needed. Thanks so much for your help.

8) i think that you are going to need a higher temp paint. iirc exhaust manifolds run about 800-1000 degrees f.
Check out the Por15 site. They have an excellent high temp paint.

Remember to post pics.

go for the paint that is 1200 deg. not 500 i put on the 500 on my manifold and it burnt right off. :cry: but i just put the 1200 on my new header and it works fine. 8)
Aircraft with piston engines and engine tunners using EGT (exhast gas temperature) sensors see up to 1400 deg F before the valves start melting! Go for 1200 deg paint.

I'd like to paint my header set Yellow, like a bunch of bananas. Doubt there is a paint around that could cope with 70 to 1200 degrees in 30 seconds. If there is, let me know!!!
Thanks guys, I went for the 1200 degree paint and it is holding up just fine so far. I appreciate your thoughts.