turbo tb0324



did buy me a complete turbo kit from the yunk yard today , from a 6 cylinder bmw 525 diesel . 50$
wil this 1 gone do on a 3,3 liter mustang ? howmuch boost is the turbo orginal comming ? i need some info on this type , but cant find it , need some help from the turbo freeks over here !
I'm guessing that being from a deisel it has no wastegate on it (vac motor looking thingy on the exhaust side) also it may not flow much air since most deisels don't spin very fast.

the turbo in teh first link is a garret t3 series turbo WITH an adjustable wastegate (good thing) this is THE standard turbo for performance right now. what you need to do is look for a stamping in the housings. the alloy housing should have a .42, .60 in it. and the iron side a .48, .63, .82 in it. for a 200 you really need a .82 but a .63 might for lower speeds (like in town driving vs constant highway speeds). the alloy side needs to be a .60 to run on a 200. the good thing is that the t3/t4 series can swap housings around. another good line of turbos to look into over there is the holset line like a hx30/hx35I think.

as far as oil hook u pthe smaller 1/8"npt hole goes to a oil supply (tap into the oil sender with a "T" fitting. and the larger two bolt fange drains into the oilpan. this drain needs to go in above the oil level and always slope downward fo rproper drainage.