Voltage regulator keeps burning out



I need some help. I converted my 63 falcon to the one wire alternator/regulator system. A few days later, the one wire regulator burned out causing the alternator to overcharge @ > 17V+. I decided to go with the conventional regulator setup and purchased one for a 65 falcon. I installed it, worked great for a couple of days and that one burned up. This time undercharging (12V) condition. I purchased a replacement and a few days ago the same thing happen. I am starting to wonder if something is wrong with the alternator. I notice this when I first start the car up after sitting a few days. Anyone out their have any ideas on what is going on...... :unsure::

Tony.. :unsure:
Are the replacement alternators rated at a lot more power output than the original? Reason being, the one wire regulators are really solid state versions of the old Zener diode regulators on old Triumph motorcycles-- they simply shunt the excess to ground. If the excess is a lot of power, they overheat and either burn out or short. The same can happen to the other regulators, if the alternator is making too much current. You can try a regulator from a Lincoln or LTD, if the alternator is significantly higher output than stock. Also, did you jump start the car after the install? Did you give anyone else a jump? The solid state parts of modern alternators as well as the solid state parts of the rest of the electrical system in the donor car are not protected from the reverse surge of a jump start if the engine is running when you jump start another vehicle. It's sort of rare, but it can cause damage like you describe. Just a thought.
Thanks for the info.
I had the alternator tested at Autozone. They told me it was okay, but I kinda of doubt the kid knew what he was doing when he couldn't figure how to hook up the test wires :shock: . I'll pull it out again and have someone else test it. The burned out regulators are for a 65 falcon and are solid state. You mention replaceing with one from a Lincoln or LTD. What year model can you reference? :unsure::