weight of a 66 mustang with 200cid!!!!!



hi i'm wanting to know the weight of my girlfriends car, a 66 mustang with 200cid. she just got a 93 5.0 and is just sitting her 66 mustang. she even though about selling it. for the mean time i need to tow it to work. i have a 02 4.0 ford ranger 4x2. my towing capacity is about 3000 from what i hear.

i want to make sure this car isn't exceeding my limits. please let me know how much these cars roughly weight. or possibly if somebody is interested.
IIRC it should be somewhere around 2600lb, most definately not over 3000 or anywhere close
8) curb weight on my falcon is 2600lbs, it has the 170, the mustang will similar.
just curious, but why does your falcon have a curb weight(just the car, no one inside, right) 200 pounds more than my 65 2dr sedan?
if its only about 2500 then i should be able to pull it. i know this could be a rough estimate guess or a very educated guess. however has anybody really put it on a scale to find out? i just wanna make sure cuz i'm planning on pulling this car with only a small truck (02 4.0 ranger), i don't want to damage anything.

please let mek now.
I got my figures from the Encyclopedia of American Cars, by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide.