Where all the CHROME at????



i have been looking for a while now for sites or places to buyaftermarket chrome parts ie example water inlet housing, pulleys, waterpump, anything they make for our inlines that is chrome i want it anyone got any placers where they buy it from let me know pleaze and thanks the only thing i can find is a valve cover :unsure:: :unsure:: :unsure::
Nation Part Depot has a lot of chrome...maybe not all but...

www.npd.com for info and catalogue.

the thing I like about them is I get an urge t obuy...it's in my hands the next day...anywhere in the country...
thanks yea( az) when you get them ready count me in for 1 and national is a great place some stuff thanks didnt ven know they are in my back yard they got a store 15 min from my house and didnt even know it they got it in ocala fl
Not many inline chrome goodies but, would a chrome water pump pully form a small v8 work on a 250 inline?
if it bolts up and has clearence and works ok id think it would work but ask the experts im just starting on this stuff lol
I haven't been able to find any chrome parts (and I've looked practically everywhere), so I finally just got some quotes from 2 companies:

advanced plating and paul's chrome

It's not cheap, but the quality of chrome can't be compared to anything else.

It's gonna cost approximately:

$25 for a thermostat
$150-$175 for timing chain cover
$80 water pump
$45 for water pump pulley

This is all for a 200ci engine.

Mike: I thought you were going to get those parts Jet-Hot? Did you change your mind and decide to go chrome? What company are you using?
Still going to get some Jet-Hot coated, but also had some chrome stat housings sent over from OZ. Jet-Hot said their sterling coating can be polished to a high luster and they can do parts not subject to high temps in various colors. Just looking at the different methods so as to compare prices, quality, and shine. ;)
AzCoupe":x9asepik said:
I should have some chrome thermostat housings in three or four weeks. :LOL:

Mike,Have an estimated cost? Thanks,Hal
Good news and bad news.

I had some chrome thermostat housings waiting for me when I got home from work. Of course the first thing I did was to go out and pull mine so I could install the chrome ones, take some pics and post them.

They look great and are exactly the same, well almost. These were made for the OZ221/250, both of which have taller deck heights. So the bottom line is they will fit our 250's but will not fit the 200's (yet). There is not quite enough clearance on the 200's and they hit the water pump pulley.

I had the same problem with the OZ balancers, just a bit to big and they hit the pump pulley too. Our US stat housings are flattened out slightly to provide the clearance whereas the OZ housing are more rounded (see second pic).

My next step will be to see if I can find a shelf pulley (perferably chrome)that is a little smaller in diameter. If so, then both the balancers and the stat housings will fit fine. Othwise I will see about having custom billet pulley's made up. And I'm still looking into Jet-Hot coating too.



Cost $20.00 (includes shipping)
why not just polish the cast AL stock one? I live in the salt belt so a polished one is nicer since I can always just hit it in the spring when I change t-stats and not have to worry about pitting and rusting and it is near free. look into local powder coaters for ones that can do a good chrome finish powder.

what part exactly is to big on the t state housing for the 200? if it is the neck for the hose cant you if someone wanted to was to cut a few cm or an 1/2 in off or is it not that easy l0l
It has a fuller radius to it, which will not clear the pump pulley. Length is not an issue.
Hey 83Fairmont,
What kind of chrome valve cover did you find?, I've seen two types, one that looks stock in shape and another that looks like a Moroso type that is more squared on the top side, that's the one I'm looking for. I've sent three back so far because they end up not being what they look like in the catalog :roll: :unsure:

I'll still take one off your hands! ;) The dual belt pulley off the 78 and later water pumps (like mine) should clear nicely. I can take some pictures and a measurement or 2 tomorrow night after work if you would like :D :D


Doug, better yet, I'll send one to you tomorrow and you can put it on this weekend. Then post pics of it. ;)

I would still be interested in knowing what the outside diameter is. Thanks
I finally got mine installed today! Sorry it took so long Mike! :shock: :D :D


It fits fine when you use the 78 and later style water pump and pulleys. No chance of interferance at all between the housing and the water pump pulley. The gasket and bolt spacing was the same, as was the thermostat diameter.


One thing that was different on mine was the diameter of the radiator hose. The new thermostat housing took a hose that is approximately 3/16-1/4 larger in diameter than what my 66 stock hose is.

I cured that problem by finding a new hose at Car Quest that was larger on one end and had the proper 90 degree bend in it. The part number is Car Quest 20820 and it needs to be cut to fit but it only took a minute so its no big deal.

I think it looks quite cool IMO! ;)