200 vs 200 Sprint - How can I tell ? 1966 Mustang

IIRC, the sprint option was a graphics package that included the air cleaner, side stripe, and possibly wire wheel covers. Don't take my word on that though..
I believe the sprint option was the chrome air cleaner lid. oil cap and console.
Sorry, no chrome valvecover.
The fake side-scoops/quarter-panel-chrome (whatever you call them) where not applied on the sprints(substituted for stripes as previously mentioned), so there should be no holes behind the doors. That's one of the best ways to tell since wheelcovers, aircleaners, and stripes can always be added or taken off.
Center console was also standard on the Sprint 200.
I just took a look at the link, and if I had to guess just based on the pics of your engine. I would think that you do have a sprint. I can't find where I read it, but other than the air cleaner, I remember reading that a chrome oil cap and chrome brake fluid cap came on sprints. I'm not totally sure about that, but it does sound familiar.

...Unless you just added those things to trick me. :LOL: :LOL: ;)
This site is a friend of mine with a Sprint 200. He has quite a good amount of information on the sprint package as well as differences between '65 and '66 cars.

As was said above - center console standard, wire wheel covers, side accent stripe, chrome air cleaner and chrome oil cap identify the sprint package.

I found this in a book and scanned it in for ya fellas

sorry about the crappy image quality but if you want to see a better (nicer) pic of the same thing check out http://phlegm.us/FordSix/Facts/sprint_options.jpg