250 in a 88 Ford Ranger?



In my quest for a daily driver I've come up with an idea and I'm not sure it's feasable.

As you guys may know, I want a Jeep Comanche pickup with a I6 but this may be a tall order, so I started thinking about a Ford Ranger pickup, I like the early body style (83 - 88) and was wondering if I could shoe horn a 250 into the engine bay? I don't have one to measure, but the hood looks as long as the Jeep's.

I need something that I can just drive right now, I don't have the time to try this, so I thought I'd look for a '88, 4x4, extended cab with a V6 that runs good and on down the road maybe see about the swap.

What do you think? Possible (I know anything is possible with enough $$$) but I don't want to go to alot of expense or effort. (the V6 may be fine?)

Mike, it must be something to do with the comets, I also own a 63 comet with a 200, and I also am working on purchasing a ranger to install a 250 in. I asked this question awhile ago and the responses were, why would you want to do that. Well, my answer is and was, because it is different and wouldn't it be nice to be able to have the same tune-up parts and service parts the same. Right now I have 4 different oil filters and different air filters and sparkplugs laying all around. I like the fact that I can open my hood and climb in to work on my comet, try that with my other 2 vehicles. You are lucky if you can slide your hand down beside the engine. My daughters Pontiac Gran Prix, I attempted to tune up for her and I had to unbolt the top motor mount, and back the car up to tip the engine forward enough to get the back 3 plugs in the back changed. So yes, I am going to put a 250 in this winter or next just to have a nice daily driver also.Keep me posted on how you make out and I will you also.
My buddy has a 87 Ranger with a V8 stuffed in it. I have to install a tonnue cover at work for him next week so I can take a couple pics and take some measurements for you if you want me to... :D


Doug, Thanks yes, I will answer for myself, and I am sure that Mike would appreciate it also, I believe it can be done all you need to do is fabricate some motor mounts and maybe move to an electric fan. You might have to fabricate an oil pan too.

I'll just "bump" this topic back up as soon as I get his truck in to take the measurements ;)


Thanks Doug that would be great, my concern is height on a 4x4 and getting the oil pan to clear, of course to find the truck I want is another thing :unsure:

Maybe a big hood scoop would fit the bill if it was too tall 8)

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Figure work on a custom oil pan and sump and then figure on either a C4 or a T5 swap because the 2.3 and 2.8/2.9 bellhousings are different. Then look into the legalities in your area of doing this on an emissions controlled vehicle...
8) other than the oil pan and emissions issue, the only problem i forsee is the length of the motor. you may have to use an electric fan as i think there is not quite enough room for the engine driven one.
I already figure a belt driven fan is out, the six in the Jeep fits all the way from the radiator to the firewall and there is a bump in the firewall to accomadate the rear of the engine, and it has electric fans and a serpentine belt. I dont know (I haven't measured) the size differance of a 250 and the Jeep motor, the motor in the Jeep looks bigger than the 170 in the Comet but I think the engine bay is a bit more spacious in the Comet :unsure:

Emissions shouldn't be a concern here in MO they don't check it, yet!

I'm figuring on keeping the motor fairly stock, header and a 2bbl carb, I want this for a daily driver so dependability and decent mileage are my top concerns. If I have to install a CAT on the exhaust, can I do this with a header?

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Guy's....I let you down!!! :cry: :cry:

It just did'nt work out for me to get the measurements this time around :( :(


That's cool Doug 8) , I appreciated the offer, I'm in no rush and there may be some other vehicle options in my future as well ;)

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Hey another good site is http://fordranger.com/v8.html

I have a 1989 Ranger 2wd that I am installing a 351W into this winter. If the car is 2wd all you need is a rear sum oil pan or a dual sump pan will also work. I am not so sure about 4wd. I haven't paid atention to that since mine isnt :)

The heater housing where the blower is on the firewall needs to be masaged a little or it will get in the way of the valve cover.

I've heard that you can use motor mounts from a Frod V8 truck or van although you will still have to fabricate some parts yourself.

And it is also necessary to install a remote Oil filter bcause the steering gear is in the way.

Those are the basics.

Hope you have fun!


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