69 falcon



I have a 69 falcon with a straight six 200ci
I want to change from the stock1 barell carter carb to a 2 barrel carb
I want to get one from a junk yard what cars can a pull them off of and what kind of adapter do i buy--and where--look foward to the help
8) you can get the adaptor from langdon's stoverbolt at www.stoveboltengineco.com/index1.htm
for the carb, the 5200 holley/weber or the 32/38 weber are good ones to use. you can pull a 5200 from a chevette, pinto, mustang ll(4 or V6), ranger/bronco ll(V6), to name a few.
OK. I have to say it. The Stovebolt type adapter is not the way to go for putting a 5200, DGV or DGS on a Mustang. The height of the adapter simply doesn't work well in a mustang vis-a-vis linkage and clearance issues. The air cleaner challange along would cost more to correct than the dif. in price between the generic (Stovebolt) adapter and the Clifford. I am assuming that the only reason one would consider the generic is price. If price is not the issue, there is no contest. Boy, I am sure I am going to hear it this time. For those who are new to this subject please see the post on this forum headed ... "2 into 1 bbl adapter"... before you comment.

so a 5200 holley weber carb or 32/38 weber can me takin off what year chevettes and pintos and mustang and ranger and broncos-what year so i can call the junkyard and ask?
Don't overlook ebay as a source for carbs. However, it is hard to do better than Stovebolt's rebuilt 5200 for $65. As a point of interest, the 5200 is a weber DFA built by Holley under a royalty agreement with Weber. The carb was used on Fords (4's & v6's - 2000cc - 2600cc), as well as Chrysler and Chevy 4's. It is progressive and came in 3 versions. A 26/27 at 270 cfm (Stovebolt), a 23/27 at 235 cfm, and a 23/29 at 245 cfm. The Weber 32/36, sold by Clifford and many others on ebay, flows 320 cfm. This a progressive carb and might make a good upgrade from the 26/27 for a more modified engine. The Weber 38/38, readily available on ebay, is not progressive (both bbls open at the same rate), and flows 350 cfm. I don't have any experience with the Motorcraft (2100) or the Holley 2300 but they have good reputations. Neither is progressive and they are available in flows from 280 cfm to 500 cfm. The motorcraft 1.08 is the 280 cfm carb. Personally, I like the Holley-Weber, Weber series. You can by them NEW. Parts and pieces are easy to get (jets, floats, etc), and they all fit on the same Clifford adapter. Also, I like the progressive carb as it is stronger at the bottom end of the rpm range, provides better mileage , and has all the cfm you need at the top end (a 200 I6 can't use more than 250 cfm at 5000 rpm assumong 80% efficiency).
I made the mistake of getting a carb from my local wrecking yard, the thing cost me 36$ after taxes. Then a rebuild kit for 21$ (AutoZone) I havent gotten a float yet but its another 10$. Mine came off a '74 2.8L (171 cu in) $65 looks pretty good for one from stovebolt now... (ah the beauty of hindsight)

So I could have gotten a new/rebuilt one from stovebolt for less then I will have into this one after rebuilding it.

I ordered the adapter and a partial linkage kit from stovebolt but I havent put it on yet.

I am hoping to do a complete writeup on it for the tech page when I get it installed. I have made some progress but the page is nowhere near done.