D2 driving me insane!!!!



Ok, as you most know, I'm doing a 200 to 250 swap. Everything's basically done, except D2 installation and Cutting some of the underhood stuff away for clearance.

Here's my problem with the D2. Have it wired correctly according to all the wiring diagrams posted here, but maybe I'm missing something.

We get it to start.....but the starter stays engaged....which is not good hehe. Seems like its keeping a charge somehow.

This is a 77 250 engine and D2, so there's a few small differences in the diagrams. I originally had the 69 solenoid hooked up, so everything hooked up directly like the diagrams, then went out and got the 77 solenoid which doesn't have the "I" bolt in front.

Hooked up the red to the inside of the connection that used to hook up to the "I", and the white (which is listed optional anyway) to the right side bolt, which also has a wire directly to the starter( Big bolt, not on "S" side of solenoid. The red gets power in the "on" position, and white in the start position, like all the tech sheets mention, but once started, the starter stays on, even when removing the big wire from the bolt on the solenoid to the starter.

Other possible thoughts were Tranny is bad. Flywheel is from 77, as is torque converter and bellhousing, but tranny is from 200. Same C4 as from the 77 (which I have, was just easier install).

Its probably something really simple and stupid we're overlooking. It always is.

Anyone have any ideas or run into this before??
8) the reason your starter stays engauged is because your wiring is feeding power to the terminal that energizes the solenoid. the res wire needs to come from the same source as the coil does. you can clip the white wire.
Ok first let me admit I am a dumby when it comes to D2. Check your ignition switch. try just bumping the key a little back. I have a Ford pickup that when you start it the starter keeps going until you finnesse the key. Thats my penny. Good luck.
Remember I said it was something stupid??

Well, I finally climbed under and watched the starter engage and disengage....so Its the trans. To save time, we swapped the bellhousing and TC off the 77 trans to the 69 trans, but I guess what happened, is when the 69 200 siezed up on me, the rod in the center of the trans (bigger outter rod, not small center) broke in half, so the noise was actually the grinding of it against the 2nd half, not the starter staying engaged. Damn things sounded the same though lol.

If only that piece would have slid out when we took out the 200, I could have saved myself 7 hours of figuring out 1001 ways to wire a Duraspark 2 and have it work.

My book, "Duraspark for Dummies" should be out soon.

That all said and done, Car should be back on the road in the next few days, and I'll have pics up soon after.