electric fan



I want to install an aftermarket electric fan in my '65 Falcon as a pusher or puller... Clearance is an issue as I have a 250. What have any of you done?
I recently finished some work on a customers car, a 1965 Mustang Fastback, that I installed a B&M 174 PowerCharger on. I installed a 4-row radiator to keep it cool since I also added power steering and A/C, and the radiator sat too close to the water pump for a regular fan blade. Also, the tensioner for the blower belt interfered. I made my own electric fan/fan shroud/mounting bracket assembly to fit it and it keeps the car real cool. It even cost far less than the aftermarket versions of the same setup. If you are interested, let me know and I will send you the pictures I took during construction of the setup.

My 80 has a engine fan but my 86 LX with 2.3L automatic came with a factory electric fan.

I am going with a aftermarket electric fan because they are much thinner nad more effecient. I will mount mine between radiator and bumper to free some room between radiator and fan. Stock clearance with engine fan looks to be about 3/8". I cant even put a finger between radiator and fan blade.
I would be interested in some photos, yes. I have a fan from a Cavalier I had planned to use on another project but ended up not needing it - It seems much too thick to fit in either way... I am looking for a real slimline fan to keep this thing cool. Kind of a cheaper solution.
I have a four wheel drive truck that I put a 250 ci in. I do alot of wheeling in the mountains and the engine has the potential to get really hot. The only cooling I have is an electric fan I bought from JC Whitney for $79.95. It is a 16 inch diameter fan that puts out 1949 cfm as a puller and 1835 cfm as a pusher. I have a very limited space between my block and rad but was able to mount this fan as a puller as it is only 3 3/8 inches deep or thick. The fan only draws 11 amps, has 10 blades and a built in shroud. It also comes with a thermostat control for an extra $14.95 that turns the fan off and on at where ever you set it. I have had a couple of more expensive fans but they did not work as well as this one. I use my truck as a daily driver in stop and start traffic for miles and as I said for 4 wheeling both on some pretty hot days. I have used this fan as my only cooling for 3 years and it has never let me down....so far....