VIN and casting #s causing havoc


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I didn't know where to post this, but this section gets a lot of attention and i've gotten a lot of help from here. Ok, here is my question or something like a dilemma to me.

I bought my 1965 Mustang at $2500 and already put $6000+ into it over the course of five years getting it road worthy as my daily driver. I have now bought a new truck and my plan is to rehaul the engine compartment. I've crossed referenced my VIN before and received some errors from online decoders and books. So I wanted to know if I could get some help on this. Here are the numbers from my data plate from my driver side door. These numbers match the numbers on the fender.

Body Color Trim Date DSO Axle Trans
65A F 22 07V 75 2 6

Vehicle Warranty Number
5R07T 2540456

As for casting numbers from the engine:

Engine head: C6DE - 6090 - B
Engine block: C6DE - 6015 - B

I've had errors on the original color of the car, DSO #, Axle, but as for the casting numbers for the engine, all i got is a 1966 200ci engine in a 1965 Mustang. Also I remember when i sanded down the frame in the frontof the car I found writing that the frame was also from a 1966 Mustang. To my knowledge from the previous owner, the car is strictly factory as it was bought. Is this a factory freak?

I ran your VIN through another decoder and i'm going to give you the link, and see what you think, maybe it is a factory freak, my 68 is one too.. or at least it became one when the PO built it....

Warranty Number: 5R07T2540456

Year: 5 1965

Plant: R San Jose, CA

Body Series: 07 2 Door Hardtop

Engine: T 200 1v I6

Unit: 254045 254045

Miscellaneous Vehicle Data
Body: 65A 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior

Color: F Arcadian Blue

Trim: 22 Blue Crinkle Vinyl, Standard Interior

Date: 07V August 07, 1965

D.S.O: 75 Phoenix

Axle: 2 2.83:1, Conventional

Trans: 6 C4 Automatic

thanks 68coupe200. Most of that information coinsides with what I've researched. No matter where I look, my DSO seems not to exist. Whats the deal with that? I'm off to watch NASCAR!