heat and starting



I live in Colorado. In the winter it is cold. however my engine seems to like cold and runs really good at low temps. HOWEVER, if i drive a short time, stop and say get food or something, the engine wont start!

this only happenes when the heat is up to the H on the gauge (this only happenes when the car gets turned off after running) and it real annoying to have to call my roomate to come and jump me all the time.

now i got a new battery, and since then have been able to power through the problem. but it just dosent seem right, used to be i just had to touch the key and it would start. any help is greatly appreciated.
It's called heat soak. It happens to starters when they get old quite freqently because they are so near the exahust pipe and as they are connected to the block, heat from the engine really takes their toll.

If you change out your starter it should fix the problem. You may want to look at how your exhaust is routed to make sure there is no contact. Headers would make the problem worse as they come much closer to the starter housing.