Intake Porting?



Hi All,
I’m new to this forum. I don't exactly have a mustang yet but I will shortly, I am inheriting my girlfriends 65 coup. It has a inline 6 but I’m not sure which one yet(I assume from everything I’ve read here that its a 200ci). I hope to have it toed to my house in the next couple of weeks. I have a couple of questions though. 1st, can the manifold be ported to allow the engine to breathe better? That way when I do put on a 2bbl carb on it, it will flow much better than if I just slapped the adapter and the carb on the stock manifold. And secondly, When I get the car the 1st thing I was going to do is pull the engine for a complete performance overhaul. Do you see this as being a good idea? I just figured it would be easier to work on. Any help would be much appreciated since I’ve never worked on a mustang before.
Welcome to the forum Joe. If you’re having to tow the car it sound like you have some work ahead of you. You’re best bet is to read through the forum form one post to another or use the search.

One of the most common changes is to use another carb. With these engines the carb is married to the distributor. If you change one you need to change the other.

Your best buy to start with is the manual. You will have a lot of questions right at your fingertips.

Have fun, Ric.
Thanks Ric,
I appreciate the welcome. This site is great anything and everything I ever wanted to know is right here. And yes I do have a lot of work ahead of me. I don’t think this car has run since the 80's.

Hello Joe, and i hope you like what you see here!!!! There is ALOT of information that people have and spread around from research and/or trial & error. I think you'll find what you need here and i also agree with what Ric said about getting a will DEFINITELY HELP YOU ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS you have!!!

The 1st thing i would do as soon as you get the car home is look to see how many main bearings there are!!!this will tell you if you have an engine worth rebuilding for performance.. That is what i did, in my '66 coupe, the engine that was in there already, only had 3 freeze plugs which means, only 4 main bearings...not enough to withstand the power, but then again, the engine that was in my car was from a '68 mustang so i was happy to get rid of it!

What you need to look for is on the exhaust manifold side. If there are only 3 big plugs you need a different engine to sustain a performance buildup(sorry)....BUT.....if the side has 5 big plugs(freeze plugs) then your engine has what it takes and then you can do WHATEVER you want to do...bore it out, mill the head, deck the block, open the carb intake, bigger valves.....the options are endless. I myself think it is worth it for a couple of reasons, 1. not too many people build performance 6 cylinders so if you take it to shows..people are AMAZED!!! you'll get a lot of OOOOHHHHS and WWWOOOOWWW'S, i do, 2. if you plan on keeping it then it would be alright to stick some $$$'s into it!!!! I know I did

Good Luck, and if you have any other ???'s feel free to ask, you'll find there are a lot of friendly people here!!!
sorry i didn't answer your ? on porting the intake manifold but i think i gave you a decent understanding of things.

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Welcome to the club!

For your rebuild I would plan on tossing the stock head. Get one off a late 70s or early 80s 200 or 250. This head will have a larger carb bore, larger intake log and larger valves that are set up for unleaded. You should be able to find a head at a junkyard for around $100.

Then you can do some porting on the exhaust side and install a clifford exhaust divider. You cant really do much porting on the intakes because of the log. Switch to your 2v carb and a duraspark II ignition and you should be off to a good start!

First off...welcome.

Second, I would personally get the car running before you do any major work. Get it running, enjoy the summer, and work on it in the winter. Of course that is if you can get it running assuming it isn't major engine problems keeping it from running (since you said it was going to be towed to your house).

There is a lot you can do with that car. either way, have fun and enjoy the friends around here.

BTW, fill out your information so we can see where you are from and stuff.


Welcome to the boards.

As to your original question. yes the head can be ported and improved. But you are limited on what you can get to.

You can pop out the plugs at the ends of the log to gain access inside. Not much you can do in the log except try to clean up some casting flash.

Ak Miller recommended just cleaning up the ports on the two ends as they traditionally see less airflow and anyhting that helps get more air into them is a good thing.

Exhaust work is highly beneficial. Any improvements to airflow here is a good thing.

Depending on how much money you want to spend you can purchase a Australian 250-2v head or a Argentinian I6 SP head, both of which have a removeable aluminum intake manifold. Mustangaroo's engine picked up about 35hp with no other mods than the installation of the new head.

Add a larger carb, header, and a cam and you can have a very nice running peppy I6 Mustang.
Two things you should do before you even get the Mustang home...

Buy the Ford Factory Shop Manual.
And get a copy the the Ford Falcon Performance Handbook

Those two things will help you out.

The manual is a must, worth the price....
The Performance Handbook is also a must because it addresses the Ford Six Cyls like no other publication. In there you will find valuable information on Mods and ways to get more out of the little engine that could.


And Welcome.
YOU HAVE TO gasket match your intake ports AND head ports if you are looking for better breathing/performance...

In order to do this you have to take off the head and intake if ya want to do it right. If you want to take the down time and work on it, it will pay off 6 fold.

Take your gasket and bolt it up to your cylinder head. Take off material from your gasket and or from your cylinder head ports where needed. You will see what I'm talkin' bout once you bolt up your gasket. You want both the head/intake ports to match your gasket or vice versa.

Once that is done, do the same with the intake ports. Bolt up the gasket using a bolt and nut.

If you work, it can be done under a week. If you have access to another car, go for it!

Cool idea but for those of us who are using stock heads, we can't remove the intake log. I suppose this is something that should be done on the aussie 2v heads.

Thanks for the info.
Except that the little six has no intake gasket!

Don't toss the head. A slightly better cam, a better carb, some pocket porting, and opening the exhaust, and headers do wonders.