66 inline 6 Specification for complete tune-up



Can you assist in providing tune-up data and tips on a 200/6
We have no data want wanted to start here before buying book
Howdy Stevo:

I think Doug's specs are for a '68 til about '72, 200.

The difference is a distributor with both centrifugal advance and a YF Carter carb. Your '66 will have a vacuum only advance distributor called a Load-O-Matic, with the matching Autolite 1100 carb.

While the specs are close, your 66/200 will be slightly different. What trans do you have? That will only matter is setting the initial advance. A stick 200 calls for 6 degres btdc, while and auto trans engine calls for 12 degrees. either can benefit from an extra 5 degrees advance to improve performance and fuels economy. Points are gapped at .024" to .026" for 35 to 38 degrees of dwell.

The specified spark plug is an Autolite BF-82 gapped at .032" - .036". You can increase the gap to .040" for a slight advantage.

Add new air, fuel and oil filters, a new PCV valve. Make sure all gaskets and grommets are in place and sealing.

Your stock carb is an Autolite 1100, with either a stick or auto. Buy a rebuild kit and carefully dis-assemble, clean, install the new parts and assemble following the directions in the rebuild kit carefully. Then fine tune the low speed air screw with a vacuum guage and set idle as specified with a tach.

Don't wait to get a repair manual. It will likely be the best $50 you will ever spend in enjoying and understanding your car and its systems.

I hope that's what you wanted.

Adios, David
Thank you Doug and David, you have provided much needed information.
I will get the shop manual
This was to be a "simple" project car for my daughters 16th birthday. After a new complete front end, brake job, new windshield headliner and rubber gasket kit she will have a safe reliable ride.
This will be mine when she goes off the college.

Regards and Merry Christmas